neo ptere – [nɪˈɒptərə] – new wings


In the 21st century we are entering an era in which the human activity in its full diversity can improve itself using sophisticated software technologies.

Neoptere is involved in this process as we handle the creation of complete and transparent distributed software applications. Our goal is to support entrepreneurship actions for any project, ranging from online business or online publication, to the most advanced community projects.

We believe strongly into the liberating and emancipating aspects of the technology, provided they are put at the service of progressive and constructive human actions.


Neoptere creates mainly end-to-end  middleware applications.

We can lead the creation process from the specification phase to the exploitation launch of the project. Once the project is online and kicking, we can assume all maintenance, followup and improvement tasks required by the application during its entire lifecycle.

On demand, we can retake existing projects in order to implement new functionalities or bring back to life abandoned or stalled projects.

We can also upgrade or convert old applications based on outdated technologies and provide website translation for the language pairs EN-FR, FR-EN and DE-FR.

  • Java

    Development from scratch of J2EE applications with Java 8 and JSF.

    Full or partial code upgrade of old J2EE projects implemented in a Java version prior 1.5 towards Java 8 or more recent.

  • ASP .NET

    Development of applications based on the MVC4 framework with Razor and C#.

  • PHP with Drupal

    Module upgrade, specific development or reconfiguration of existing Drupal applications.

    Recovery of stalled Drupal projects or projects that didn't complete satisfactorily.

    Conversion of Drupal applications towards industrial grade frameworks and languages like .NET or Java.

  • Web frontend design with HTLM5, jQuery, CSS3.

    Design, re-design, conversion, improvement of existing themes or layouts.